time keeps on slippen'.....

so I was thinking about the fact that my God children have become so "human" recently..I mean I can recall when they couldn't speak, eat on their own or even walk! My Gosh time slips by! I had fun at the Karl bday celebration, watching him interact with the other kids and remembering that I married his parents in Scotland (I became a minister for that one) ...time really does pass quickly these days....it seems like yesterday when we were all in Laguna Beach high school...Gosh I sound like an old fart! :)
My best friend from the 80"s arrives from Vancouver (eh?) today and I cannot wait! We met on the set of a Bob Hope movie I starred in a thousand years ago (see, time flies!) and have remained close ever since....old friends are the best....she's a hot shot producer in Canada....I can't wait to show her around LA again...just like the old days..
xx cc