the actual day...:)

woke up early..6am....I don't feel any older, in fact I woke up singing "happy birthday to me, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too..." is that normal for a woman of my age?? In any event I am looking forward to now TWO God children visits today! My God daughter Kimberly is making brunch for me with her mother and of course the cake and ice cream with Karl Claudius in the afternoon..I feel a tummy ache coming on! I heard from my friend Simon Lewis (we did Star Hyke together and he is HILARIOUS) who read my blog about "time passing quickly " and he had a great response :
"I've been reading your daily blog, and it seems that we're both thinking along the same lines at the moment. I'm actually convinced that time has very subtly started to move faster in the past three or four years. I don't know why, and it's quite hard to articulate..but it's as though the ground is being cleared for SOMETHING huge to happen. I had a long conversation with a good friend whose opinion I normally respect about just this phenomenon, and the response was, 'Ah..that's because you're getting older'. But it ISN'T. You know when you actually stop, draw a breath and look around yourself, there are some very strange things happening. For example, I've hardly seen a single bee this year..normally the gardens and hedgerows are full of them. And the weather at the moment is very bizarre. Hailstones out of a clear blue sky, sudden, almost tropical rainstorms with inches of rain falling in minutes...and a sunlight that's frankly unpleasant to be be out in - I remember years ago, I used to lie out in the sunshine in the countryside around Bristol for HOURS, and feel great. Now, it doesn't even feel healthy to be exposed to it for more than a few minutes. It's harsh, it's bright, and it BURNS. A couple of days without rain, and the grass is almost scrub! Something's definitely going on; just can't quite put my finger on it at the moment. But it certainly seems to be making people behave strangely. Perhaps I AM getting old. I don't think so, though..*cue TWILIGHT ZONE music*"
There IS something going on and I'm not sure what it is but he's right...the planet HAS changed and it's not because I am missing the 80's...:) Be safe out there in the sun...
xx cc