Charlotte and fried pickles

Well another weekend another convention...this time we flew directly to Charlotte North Carolina and discovered immediately the meaning of "Southern Hospitality". Everyone is nice, from the waitresses to the desk clerks at the Hilton. The con was mostly a gaming convention, in fact the only media guest they had ever had was the storm trooper who said "These are the wrong Droids" in Star Wars so I think having Richard Hatch and I there was a first for them. Richard is an amiable fellow. This is really the first time we have ever had a chance to chat and he was very nice. It was also the first time we used "The Square" a new device which enables you to take credit cards on your iPhone or iPad :
It works really well and was appreciated by many...I think Mr. Hatch will be signing up for one soon.
The humidity in the south is reminiscent of the humidity I suffered through as a kid in Connecticut boy is it brutal when you're not used to it! I tried fried pickles and BBQ, met a tiny sci fi fan and did an interview for Fox News which was really fun:
all in all we had a great time and the fans seemed to as well. I was also serenaded by a filk singing harpist and hung out with a ghostbuster...all in a weekend's shameless promotional weekend!