more morning musings..

my friend Paul suggested that we look for love so that we have someone to bear witness to our interesting thought because I do notice that my hermit God Father (who has been without human companionship for 50 plus years) has become "invisible" in his if he is walking on the sands of life and leaves no footprints...I can only communicate with him via letters and he owns no phone nor uses a computer..a modern day hermit....I have written him a letter a couple of times a month since I was 8 years old..he has taught me about opera and classical music and history through letters...I still have them all....I feel blessed to have that in my life yet also saddened by the fact that he must be lonely but cannot admit it...a human condition...I hope any of you out there who ARE lonely can find the strength to reach out to those who will embrace you.
x cc