been a long time..home sweet home?

..and I have no excuse other than day to day life has kept me from writing. I have been house hunting so that has taken up a lot of time and energy but I did find a place to live recently. I have also been in the hell which is Face Book, trying to migrate everyone to a fan page so that I can engage directly with people.

What is it about moving that creates such drama in a human being? Did early man get stressed out when having to move caves?
Is it our inherent desire to have a "home"? I am a gypsy, I always have been..traveling around, not having kids, moving dozens of times, yet I still have a strong pull towards being a homebody. I suppose it's a sign of getting older as well. The need for security and a familiar place to hang one's hat.

The other thing I must do is get back to doing my Babylon 5 posts, I miss watching the show and blogging about it so I will put that on the list as well. In the mean time here is a little radio show I did recently