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Armageddon Expo
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Armageddon Expo
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memorial day

I realize that this is a bittersweet or even painful day for many of you out there who have served in military forces around the world or who have lost loved ones to war and conflict. I hope that this day brings you some small joys...good health, the love of a friend or family member or even a nice drive or nature walk.
Losing someone is one of the most difficult things to ever get through. My brother died in 1973 and there is still not a day that goes by when I do not think about him and who he might have turned out to be and what we all lost by him being taken so young.
For a parent I cannot think of a greater pain than burying your child and I hope time helps whomever out there who has suffered such a loss.
Whether it was your Grandfather at the shores of Normandy, your Father in Korea or your sister in Iraq..most of us have a loved one who has served in the military.
Today is a day to reflect upon the injustice of sending a teenager to a far away land to very possibly give their life for something they hardly understand.
I pray for the end of these wars globally and for respect to be given to those who have served so that they do not feel shame like those returning from Vietnam and other recent tours...whether you are pro or anti war, they are not at fault and they deserve some peace and a heart felt thank you for doing what they believe is the right thing for their country.

Dave Rogers and his adventure gear-edged weapons has a new blog site

...and here it is:

He's a great guy and he makes good products, bags and adventure gear as well so check it out!

Pat Tallman

Pat Tallman was also nice enough to be in the DVD and she brought Buffy the hen as well! We had a great afternoon of catching up and taking pics...Pat and I posed together for an "Old Masters" type photo with David's brilliant lighting we ended up looking like sisters from another era...I'll post one of those soon! This is a shot from the "eco-green babe-commercial head shot" we took for Pat...I love it!
xx cc

Light speed

I will be doing a charity event in Orange County in December:

December 5th - December 6th
Lightspeed Celebrity Charity Benefit
Orange County, CA

Bill Mumy...what a guy!

Saturday was brilliant. Bill welcomed us into his lovely house in the hills and David and Myung (LA Times videographer and our "go to" man on this DVD) set up 3 cameras for the interview. Bill's wife, Eileen and kids Lily and Seth came in at different times so it was a lovely reunion of sorts.
The interview was a joy, with Bill regaling us with stories about everyone from photographer Henry Diltz to Bridget Bardot! He has a fantastic memory for names and places and years...he even shared photos of his childhood musical debut at the Hollywood Bowl (replete in a silver space suit) and many others. After the interview David photographed Bill in his home recording studio where I have fond memories of doing 3 songs from my solo album back in 2001. Bill wrote, recorded and sang on the songs and to me they are the highlight of the CD ("Once Upon A Time").
After the shoot Bill and I caught up bit and exchanged news of other cast members and promised to get together soon then we discussed the music for the DVD, Bill will be scoring it which is icing on this already gorgeous cake....
All in all it was a lovely day and I am so appreciative to my sweet friend Bill Mumy for making our DVD even's a shot of me sharing Bill's close up.
xx claudia

lambasting and dvd stuff!

I was asked to remove any mention of the job I am doing hence the disappearance of yesterday's secret stuff you know! Sorry for any confusion, pretend it never existed and I will only discuss "LOOK", the Showtime series I start at the end of the month..:)!!!
In any event today is going to be great! We are filming Bill Mumy for David's DVD ... an interview then a photo shoot AND he has agreed to do the music for us! I'm very happy, Bill is not only an outstandingly talented guitar player-well actually he plays just about any instrument well...and song writer, etc. but he is also a fun stand up guy whom I love to spend time with.
It seems like it's going to be a bit of a Babylon 5 reunion in the next few days, first Bill then on Wednesday we are doing a photo shoot with Pat Tallman at our house. David devised some beautiful lighting for a test shot and I saw it and immediately thought of a John Singer Sargent painting with the earthy tones and faces bathed with warm light...I'm hoping for an oil painting feeling from the shoot with Pat and I.
That's it for now, have a lovely weekend and I hope you have some time to go for a stroll outside, the flowers are in bloom in most in California the orange blossom perfumes the air in the evening and the jasmine is everywhere, creating gorgeous pockets of sensorial delights!
xx cc

hot tamale!

It's the sort of day you expect cicadas to be chirping and buzzing around whilst a tired old lady serves sweet iced tea on a front porch..bloody hot, hot, hot!
The clock is ticking until I start shooting "LOOK" so I have been hitting the tennis court and hills ...went with a friend this morning to Fryman canyon, a quaint hike but uber loaded with too many people and dogs today. I prefer a less crowded LA hike like Franklin canyon. The worst is Runyon canyon...loaded up with actors, models and tourists it's the trendiest place to walk, everyone seems to have an Iphone glued to their ear and the coolest sunglasses in the universe. They have also perfected the "groovy LA hiking attire" of which I haven't a clue how to recreate. I hike in an old pair of unflattering shorts and a hopefully clean inner geek shining with each step.
Last Friday I booked a voice over job for a new game. No congratulations are in order really because had I NOT booked this job...well, something would have been terribly amiss.
You see, there are things called "breakdowns" where they list the characters they are seeking and quite often in the voice over world they list a "celebrity essence" or "type" of voice they are looking for as well. I have been called in to read when they are looking for a Kathleen Turner or Demi Moore type voice and such. Well this particular breakdown had the alien's description "kind, compassionate, friendly..etc.." then it said ; "celebrity essence: Claudia Christian"....
If I were not to have booked this gig I would be seriously confused,stumped and a little peeved....
So, here's to funny like seeing your name in black and white next to pictures of giant, hairy the job and (hopefully) having fun!
x cc