Well for all of you out there who are interested in the social phenomenon of Facebook, here's an excellent article on social sites form Caroline Thompson of the great white North....(Canada that is...)
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The question is do you love it or do you hate it? I can see the benefit because I have been contacted by friends from childhood, high school etc. etc. However it's simply not as easy as email... Over the weekend my Facebook page surpassed 1000 friends though I have only met a few dozen of them in person which in a very strange way makes me smile.
All of these people from all over the world wanting to hang out in cyberspace with me and my other Facebook friends....very sweet and humbling. I endeavor to become more savvy about it, perhaps start writing longer messages back to people, make new friends...but then I think about the unfinished books and scripts, the miles of running and hiking to do, the reading and learning and blogging and emailing and auditioning and loving and moving and seeing friends and cooking and ....well......you get it.
Here's to embracing technology at your own life's pace.
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dave rogers

Well, I can finally put a face to the name folks! Over the Christmas Holiday, David and I drove out to New Mexico to meet Dave Rogers and his wife Sheri. Dave is the creator-designer and manufacturer of the cool knives I have on my website and on this blog. The four of us had dinner at a steak house and many laughs were had..it's nice to meet people face to face after doing business with them for months and months! Please visit his website at dsadventuregear.com and check out their outdoor gear.
and here are his other sites as well:


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absolutely inexcusable !

Loooong time no write! Well, I have loads of reasons.. my first "real" vacation in 20+ years and a whole lot of thinking...Christmas was a joy, two weeks in Colorado with loved ones and a beautiful, funny road trip through New Mexico, perfect way to start the New Year. Speaking of which, I have not felt this positive, energetic and hopeful in eons...I don't know about you but I am brimming with optimism! Is it the new regime coming in to save our country? Is it because 9 is a lucky number? I have no idea but it's wonderful! I'm starting this year out with yet another change, I have decided to re-focus on my acting career...this producing stuff is a kin to knocking one's head against a very hard surface..WORSE then acting, if you can believe that! I just finished the commentary for "Never on Tuesday" a film we shot in 1986 which is finally being released on DVD. It was hilarious to watch the blond, soft voiced, 21 year old me.. it was the first film I did with Adam Rifkin. 
  Adam is writing a role for me in his new Showtime series "LOOK" which will be shooting in the next months or so. I'm in all of the episodes and I play a fabulously challenging character,  so I am over the moon! What a glorious way to start the new year...work that I love! 
  In other news, we managed to raise a ton of toys and clothes for Penny Lane (Pat Tallman's charity) this year and I'm still working with Safe Passage to try and raise awareness of that wonderful charity, I managed to find a computer for one of the women and she was thrilled as it will open up a whole new world for her in the work place. I hope all of you have a beautiful new year and have stuck to your resolutions thus far! Embrace this change and be grateful for the things you have. Love, CC