oh my goodness...

3 dodgy elections in a row for the USA...and now MacCain wants us to believe that he is "needed" in Washington as opposed to the obvious reason of his calling for a halt of the debate tomorrow : FEAR. He know that Obama's oration skills will make him look like the dolt that he is...
I'm thinking of moving to Paris if this ridiculousness does not end.

In other news I just signed with a great agency to handle "Defying Gravity" and a few of my other shows...very happy about that.
I have attached a funny little poser-photo Tracy and I took the other day as a fun thing...we had a blast messing around all day and her mom was there enjoying our antics. Her mother came to LA after fleeing her home in Texas due to the floods...sometimes I wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us next....hopefully for us California folks it won't be "The Big One"

day off

LAX was interesting to shoot in yesterday...loads of confusion and real people really trying to get to their flights while we were pretending to be real flight attendants ...very odd!
Anthony Lapaglia (Without a Trace) joined our cast as the Captain of the flight..he's very nice and quite funny...
I finish this Friday and it will be quite sad actually..I have really enjoyed hanging out with Tom and Christina and in general just being a working actress again after many months behind the desk ....
I suppose I could finish the novel I've been writing...or go back to studying Italian....


I realize that I may have Republican fans and friends....however, any man or woman who dictates the future of a girl or woman ie: their CHOICE ...is dangerous. Roe vs Wade is here for a reason and I certainly hope that people will not treat this lightly. This election will change America forever...do you realize that EVERY civilized country is praying for an Obama win???? .
They are frightened to death of the prospect of another term or two of idiots in the White House. We can only regain our power and respect by voting Democrat, period.
Frankly, I don't care if my President served in the military or got a blow job under a table..i only care that he or she will pull us out from the mess which the past Presidents have created..we are now a national joke...
...........we used to be a nation to look up to....

I believe that Obama can lift us out of this embarrassment.

hurry up and wait..

First a disclaimer: I am NOT complaining, I am really enjoying doing this film!

However ... I got to the film set at 9am and at 6pm finally worked ... I walked down the aisle of the plane with a trash bag collecting garbage ... didn't say a word!

You would think that I would use the time in my trailer constructively like perhaps learning Mandarin or reading Proust ... nope, I read Vanity Fair and David Sedaris' new book "When You Are Engulfed In Flames" (very funny... but then again he always makes me giggle) When I finished those I started "The Last Chinese Chef" by Nicole Mones ... so I did nothing but read all day and now I feel like a bum. I should have been doing Pilates in my trailer and practicing my fiddle or guitar....I always have such high hopes for my "time off" but it's usually dashed by my addiction to reading...Oh well, tomorrow is another long day on the set...perhaps I will bring my guitar and annoy my fellow thespians!


Taboo is a music video based from my first single produced by Michael
Jay, with Julianna Ray and Jenna Robinson singing back up. The
video stars Alex Tydings (Aphrodite in Xena:Warrior Princess) and a
gal named Sebastian...it was shot in my old house in Los Feliz, a
studio in Culver City and on the freeway over pass near Cahuenga in
Los Angeles. I hope you enjoy this little ditty and for all of you out
there who actually speak French...my profound apologies. :)


Here are a couple of pics of my cohorts in the film...Tom Hodges and Christina Chang. We're having far too much fun and geting in massive trouble by misbehaving....poor Valerie (the director) must feel like she's wrangling small children. In spite of the heat and the small location (the interior of a fake airplane) we're having a good, productive shoot.
xx cc

My short film "The Experiment"

A few years ago I ran into someone who was willing to finance a short film but wanted to do it ASAP. I went home and in a few hours wrote this little movie called "The Experiment"... then decided to play all three female roles. We shot it in two days out in the desert near Desert Hot Springs... and yes the cactus in the back ground is fake and yes we had to bring the phone booth in for the shoot....Michelle Garbin did the terrific make up and Rick Overton was kind enough to play Jack. The prosthetic eye piece was tough to wear because you have no depth perception with one eye and also because you tear up constantly under it so you always feel like you have sand in your eye and a cup of water in there as well..not fun. However, I recall the experience as exhilarating, creative and extremely 'free'...I felt like our little crew was unencumbered by bureaucracy and studio influence and we were simply there to make the best little film we could for the least money in the quickest time. The Electric Prunes were nice enough to score the film (the lead singer was the father of one of our producers) and we ended up with a groovy rendition of Amazing Grace, of all things. I hope you enjoy the film, I sure enjoyed making it, writing it and acting in it!

Watch the first scene here, then go to my YouTube page at www.youtube.com/zardproductions to see the final 2 scenes.