good morning!

I've been thinking about life and dreams and goals (yes, again) and I kind of wish that I was raised in a Buddhist temple because I'm quite sure that they don't stress about what kind of car they drive nor the walls which keep them safe at night...I wonder if being human does actually mean that you keep striving for things that at the end of the day (let's face it) are not really important. Do you think that a mouse cares where he/she lives? Do you think that a cat really worries about his/her complexion? We should all embrace what makes us unique and special and feel good about simply being alive....and maybe be more animalistic.
Selfishness is pervasive and strong and in this era we have become ridiculously selfish....I spoke to Tracey Scoggins and she said that she had just finished dropping off a bunch of books to a VA hospital...she's in the middle of moving yet she found the time to do this simple act of kindness....made me feel like a heel frankly....I think I'll go through my books and dvds and all of that "stuff" today and drop it off at an old folks home...might make me feel like I'm not just breathing up the air on this planet.
Sometimes the impetus to do good comes from sources we never knew could move us.....if I may be cheeky I would ask of you to do the same...