birthday baby

Okay so I'm milking it a little, my birthday isn't until Sunday but I am starting to celebrate right now! It's blazing hot here on Mulholland drive at the top of the mountain with no breeze and lizards running for their life across the lava like decking. I'm helping to build my birthday present, an outdoor bed..the thing is HUGE! 8 feet high and a queen sized mattress..I must have been mad when I requested it! The tough thing about working outdoors in the heat is that you make mistakes...fried brain I believe is the professional term for any event I am happy to have sunshine and happy to have a pool to jump in (even though it's more of a dog pool...tiny and shallow..why bother digging one??)
On my actual birthday I am having cake and ice cream with the man in my 2 year old Godson Karl name eh?
If you would have asked me a decade ago if that's what I would be doing on my birthday I would have laughed but there it is...glamorous? Indeed!