memorial day

I realize that this is a bittersweet or even painful day for many of you out there who have served in military forces around the world or who have lost loved ones to war and conflict. I hope that this day brings you some small joys...good health, the love of a friend or family member or even a nice drive or nature walk.
Losing someone is one of the most difficult things to ever get through. My brother died in 1973 and there is still not a day that goes by when I do not think about him and who he might have turned out to be and what we all lost by him being taken so young.
For a parent I cannot think of a greater pain than burying your child and I hope time helps whomever out there who has suffered such a loss.
Whether it was your Grandfather at the shores of Normandy, your Father in Korea or your sister in Iraq..most of us have a loved one who has served in the military.
Today is a day to reflect upon the injustice of sending a teenager to a far away land to very possibly give their life for something they hardly understand.
I pray for the end of these wars globally and for respect to be given to those who have served so that they do not feel shame like those returning from Vietnam and other recent tours...whether you are pro or anti war, they are not at fault and they deserve some peace and a heart felt thank you for doing what they believe is the right thing for their country.