hot tamale!

It's the sort of day you expect cicadas to be chirping and buzzing around whilst a tired old lady serves sweet iced tea on a front porch..bloody hot, hot, hot!
The clock is ticking until I start shooting "LOOK" so I have been hitting the tennis court and hills ...went with a friend this morning to Fryman canyon, a quaint hike but uber loaded with too many people and dogs today. I prefer a less crowded LA hike like Franklin canyon. The worst is Runyon canyon...loaded up with actors, models and tourists it's the trendiest place to walk, everyone seems to have an Iphone glued to their ear and the coolest sunglasses in the universe. They have also perfected the "groovy LA hiking attire" of which I haven't a clue how to recreate. I hike in an old pair of unflattering shorts and a hopefully clean inner geek shining with each step.
Last Friday I booked a voice over job for a new game. No congratulations are in order really because had I NOT booked this job...well, something would have been terribly amiss.
You see, there are things called "breakdowns" where they list the characters they are seeking and quite often in the voice over world they list a "celebrity essence" or "type" of voice they are looking for as well. I have been called in to read when they are looking for a Kathleen Turner or Demi Moore type voice and such. Well this particular breakdown had the alien's description "kind, compassionate, friendly..etc.." then it said ; "celebrity essence: Claudia Christian"....
If I were not to have booked this gig I would be seriously confused,stumped and a little peeved....
So, here's to funny like seeing your name in black and white next to pictures of giant, hairy the job and (hopefully) having fun!
x cc