lambasting and dvd stuff!

I was asked to remove any mention of the job I am doing hence the disappearance of yesterday's secret stuff you know! Sorry for any confusion, pretend it never existed and I will only discuss "LOOK", the Showtime series I start at the end of the month..:)!!!
In any event today is going to be great! We are filming Bill Mumy for David's DVD ... an interview then a photo shoot AND he has agreed to do the music for us! I'm very happy, Bill is not only an outstandingly talented guitar player-well actually he plays just about any instrument well...and song writer, etc. but he is also a fun stand up guy whom I love to spend time with.
It seems like it's going to be a bit of a Babylon 5 reunion in the next few days, first Bill then on Wednesday we are doing a photo shoot with Pat Tallman at our house. David devised some beautiful lighting for a test shot and I saw it and immediately thought of a John Singer Sargent painting with the earthy tones and faces bathed with warm light...I'm hoping for an oil painting feeling from the shoot with Pat and I.
That's it for now, have a lovely weekend and I hope you have some time to go for a stroll outside, the flowers are in bloom in most in California the orange blossom perfumes the air in the evening and the jasmine is everywhere, creating gorgeous pockets of sensorial delights!
xx cc