Bill Mumy...what a guy!

Saturday was brilliant. Bill welcomed us into his lovely house in the hills and David and Myung (LA Times videographer and our "go to" man on this DVD) set up 3 cameras for the interview. Bill's wife, Eileen and kids Lily and Seth came in at different times so it was a lovely reunion of sorts.
The interview was a joy, with Bill regaling us with stories about everyone from photographer Henry Diltz to Bridget Bardot! He has a fantastic memory for names and places and years...he even shared photos of his childhood musical debut at the Hollywood Bowl (replete in a silver space suit) and many others. After the interview David photographed Bill in his home recording studio where I have fond memories of doing 3 songs from my solo album back in 2001. Bill wrote, recorded and sang on the songs and to me they are the highlight of the CD ("Once Upon A Time").
After the shoot Bill and I caught up bit and exchanged news of other cast members and promised to get together soon then we discussed the music for the DVD, Bill will be scoring it which is icing on this already gorgeous cake....
All in all it was a lovely day and I am so appreciative to my sweet friend Bill Mumy for making our DVD even's a shot of me sharing Bill's close up.
xx claudia