spring cleaning

Holly and I have been spring cleaning the new house and we happened upon boxes of old scripts and all sorts of doo-dads from my 25 year career. You can find the scripts on claudiachristian.net in the next day or so, my girls ( Caroline and Holly the IT wizards-girl Friday, Saturday and Sunday) have created a new page for them. It's quite satisfying throwing stuff away. I chucked old correspondence, cards and letters as well as gifts I never liked and doubles of virtually anything I own or collect. Clothes, jewelry and cosmetics went to various homeless shelters and of course Safe Passage and Penny lane. Safe Passage is in dire need of computers for the ladies if any of you want a nice tax write off please contact them in Santa Monica, CA. website is below. The other feeling I get is that besides making your environment cleaner I believe that throwing things away de-clutters you in a spiritual way as well....you feel more open to new things by letting go of the old. I have had a tendency in the past to collect things....books, antiques, cooking equipment etc etc but now I feel like "jeez, I have enough stuff!". I only want to buy things I can really use right now and right here.
The Leaper con was small and mellow as I expected but it was lovely to run into Von Armstrong and Richard Herd, two men I greatly enjoy and respect. We spent a couple of hours with the fans then left and enjoyed the beautiful Saturday weather.
Have a good one...I'm back to work!
xx claudia