Great start!

Well the first segment of the shoot for David's DVD went very well I'm happy to report! Deborah invited her actress-model friend Sandra Taylor along to model for us; Sandra just finished shooting a comedy in Flint Michigan with Ann-Margret and she was happy to be home with her kids and the nice weather. She was a total pro and the photos came out beautifully. David and Deborah had great chemistry and the wonderful Kerry Hoyt (Jim Carrey's stand in for the last decade plus and David's best friend) was an outstanding camera man and all around help. Next weekend is the "Vanity Fair" type mogul shoot with Kerry playing Donald Trump circa 1984 and Yvette Nelson (my sister in law's sister) playing the trophy that's going to be a hoot!

I'm off to go meet Quantum Leap fans now... or "Leapers" as they like to be called. I haven't done a Q and A in quite some time and I don't have many stories from the show considering I only did one episode but I should be able to pull something out of my sleeve for the hour talk!

For those of you who feel you can give...right now is an excellent time to donate business clothes to the Red Cross, GoodWill, local shelters and women's shelters or your local VA. A lot of people are job hunting and do not have the right clothes to look their best and make them feel confident. First impressions are so important during a job interview, we all know that.
So, go through your closet, admit that you'll never be able to fit into those size 28 waist slacks or that you don't need suits or dresses for your current lifestyle...and give them to a good cause...spread a little hope through your community.

Safe Passage is always looking for smart interview clothes for women (it's in Santa Monica, CA) and there are hundreds of men's and women's organizations on line, some who will even pick the clothes up! Another great thing to give away is grooming products and makeup so all of those lipsticks you got free or perfume samples...put them into a bag and give those as well.

Peace to all of you

Love, Claudia