books and things

I've been reading a lot lately....I like Eric Weiner's The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World
a fun little book by a self confessed "grump" about his search for the happiest places in the world...part travel tales, part social commentary and a light, interesting read. I have also been reading some Graham Green and Henry Miller for kicks. It's been so hot here lately that I am wondering what July and August will be like here in the Valley! I have always lived in the hills so perhaps I'm in for a was 100+ today in Studio City as I ran my Pink Berry frozen yogurt lasted exactly 6 minutes before becoming a pool of sweet, milky nothing...I hate to kvetch about the heat though, I still recall my years in London quite vividly so I would be remiss to complain too much. These lovely summery days are for hiking early in the morning before the heat kicks in and reading by the pool, occasionally dipping a toe in to decide if it's warm enough yet to take the plunge (it ain't!). I'm enjoying the time off before my next gig, looks like I might do a short film soon and I have my impro show to do with Dean Haglund soon as well...all good fun.
Wherever you are I hope you're warm and dry..