My short film "The Experiment"

A few years ago I ran into someone who was willing to finance a short film but wanted to do it ASAP. I went home and in a few hours wrote this little movie called "The Experiment"... then decided to play all three female roles. We shot it in two days out in the desert near Desert Hot Springs... and yes the cactus in the back ground is fake and yes we had to bring the phone booth in for the shoot....Michelle Garbin did the terrific make up and Rick Overton was kind enough to play Jack. The prosthetic eye piece was tough to wear because you have no depth perception with one eye and also because you tear up constantly under it so you always feel like you have sand in your eye and a cup of water in there as well..not fun. However, I recall the experience as exhilarating, creative and extremely 'free'...I felt like our little crew was unencumbered by bureaucracy and studio influence and we were simply there to make the best little film we could for the least money in the quickest time. The Electric Prunes were nice enough to score the film (the lead singer was the father of one of our producers) and we ended up with a groovy rendition of Amazing Grace, of all things. I hope you enjoy the film, I sure enjoyed making it, writing it and acting in it!

Watch the first scene here, then go to my YouTube page at to see the final 2 scenes.