hurry up and wait..

First a disclaimer: I am NOT complaining, I am really enjoying doing this film!

However ... I got to the film set at 9am and at 6pm finally worked ... I walked down the aisle of the plane with a trash bag collecting garbage ... didn't say a word!

You would think that I would use the time in my trailer constructively like perhaps learning Mandarin or reading Proust ... nope, I read Vanity Fair and David Sedaris' new book "When You Are Engulfed In Flames" (very funny... but then again he always makes me giggle) When I finished those I started "The Last Chinese Chef" by Nicole Mones ... so I did nothing but read all day and now I feel like a bum. I should have been doing Pilates in my trailer and practicing my fiddle or guitar....I always have such high hopes for my "time off" but it's usually dashed by my addiction to reading...Oh well, tomorrow is another long day on the set...perhaps I will bring my guitar and annoy my fellow thespians!