aunty social...

I went out tonight. Yes, I actually left the house and went to David's studio where he was having a party for photographers who were attending the big photo show this weekend in Orange County (Photo marketing association).
It is rare for me to go out. I was once told by a therapist that I was anti social despite the fact that I love people and am generally known as very outgoing, friendly and talkative with a capital T (even sober!)
It got me thinking that wanting to stay home most nights and read a good book must mean that one is terribly anti social becaue that is precisely what I love to do. A nice early dinner, a little chatting and laughing then get down to a good read...maybe I AM getting old ...hee hee!

I love throwing dinner parties and really if I was invited to cool places I would go, really I would but alas, I am not invited to anything really, I guess I don't seek out invitations because I am not pushy and I get slightly embarrassed around people who are.

In any event there were nice people there and even a couple of gregarious Australian fellows who took photos of me to email back to their son and his friends "Oh my Gosh I have new young fans!", I thought and yes, they confirmed that B5 is indeed popular down under and has attracted a teenage following. Now I realize that I won't be mobbed ala the "Twilight" kids when I go there this October, however it was a truly sweet thing to hear that a whole new generation is enjoying a show which touched so many...

In some sad news I just read that Walter Koenig's son is missing in Vancouver. I hope anyone with news will contact the information listed on this link.
Have a safe and beautiful Sunday tomorrow
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