creative forces at work

I'm back in school and loving it. I have a short story class every Thursday night and just signed up for the super duper writer's 3 day crash course with Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Eric Flint, David Farland and Brandon Sanderson which should be a very good time.
I wanted to learn how to sculpt but then I had to remind myself that the last time I tried an "artsy" thing I invested a ton of money in a hobby hut, potters wheel, clay and all of the tools only to find myself making miniature figures of goblins then putting firecrackers up their insides and blowing them up, needless to say it was a complete waste of time and money (but it was kinda fun). Sculpting always seems like such a noble pursuit, you make something out of nothing ....which led me to remember that I can actually make up pretty good stories and I have written things and even been published (SMALL TIME) so I decided to get better at what I can already do rather than try something new, a whole new concept for me; the Queen of the tasting platter, not the full course. I'm a dabbler from day one, violin? Sure why not..I'm bored, trumpet? Why yes thank you I'll try that one!
In any event I am enjoying writing and reading other people's work and the whole critiquing thing which just points out how utterly differently we all perceive stories and their supposed meaning. It's very amusing to see what offends certain people and what riles them up!

Years ago when my parents were still married they made the painting you see above together. My Dad carved the frame out of a block of wood and my Mom painted an old looking icon on it. I love this collaboration and it is going to go in a place of honor at the new house. It just goes to show you what you can make out of something if you just put your mind to it.