Jesus comes to town!

Wow! 3 posts in one day and I haven't even mentioned Father's Day! Here are a few pics from the short film I did, "Jesus Comes to Town" directed by a great guy, Kamal John Iskander. The guys were great and it was a really nice experience.


LOOK is a blast to work on. I actually love the guerilla style and neat pace of things. I don't miss the hair and make up process nor the rehearsals actually. I find that the actors are more prepared (well, you have to be!) re: their lines and that not having coverage makes for a snappy day! I can't think of any other scripted series (other then soap operas) who can shoot 8 episodes in 4 weeks!
Adam Rifkin is lovely to work with, very calm and succinct as a's funny to think that our first movie together (Never On Tuesday) was over 20 years ago...our producer on LOOK was also on that film, Brad Wyman. It's good to be with old friends. I shall endeavor to post some pics of the show, Marcus Giamatti (Paul's older brother) plays my husband and Brad Wyman's real life kids are playing our! All in all a joy to work on.

trailer for LIGHT DVD

Hey folks we have a little teaser for the new lighting DVD coming out this summer and here it is! Enjoy!

It's a low budget world!

Well, I just found out that we're doing our own hair and makeup on "LOOK", no wardrobe room, no rehearsals and presumably no food or water as well! Woo hoo! Low budget film making! Actually if you watch the film "LOOK" which the TV show is based does work that way and so we are doing the same thing they did when making the film...just for a longer time! I'll report back after my first day of shooting next week.

Reader "KGB photography" asked when David's lighting DVD will be out (the other low budget shoot I am working on!) and the answer is August 2009. I'm putting up a photo of the scallops I cooked for the DVD, I love food magazines so David recreated a "Gourmet" magazine-type cover shot for this...I think it's beautiful and we didn't use any of the fancy food stylist tricks either, just cooked them and put the plate on some seamless white paper and voila! David's lighting magic.....

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natural light

David's new studio has truly beautiful natural light on the upper level. Here's a shot he took of me the other day. I'm learning a little about photography but it's a slow process. I think the best analogy he has come up with thus far was "think of shutter speed and aperture like you would think of what temperature and how long to cook something.." A good way to put it to a person who loves to cook! The DVD on lighting is nearing completion so that should give amateur and professional photographers a great boost in the learning curve, me included!
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appearances, short films and what nots...

...I just wrapped up filming on "Jesus comes to town" with Steve Eastin, Alex Veadov, Buddy Daniels (we did "Tale of two Sisters together), Clifton Morris and Martin Beck as my co stars and Kamal Iskander directing, Michael Silberman producing (from True Rights, the film I shot nearly a decade ago!) our first AD, Marty Veselich was also a True Rights alumni. The fim was shot down town in the warehouse district next to a rave club, rather disconcerting to arrive for a 7am call on a Sunday morning and see people piling out of a club wasted and getting into cars and onto vespas...ahh to be young and foolish again! :) I played a character called "Darling Lil" and I will post a few pics soon. They are hoping to show the film at festivals this year and next.
As far as appearances, I will be at Dragon Con Labor Day weekend and I have just agreed to do a local store signing here's the info:
34121/2 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
818-557-6771 store number
Saturday, July 11th from 1 to 3 pm.
So that's the news for now!
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