LOOK is a blast to work on. I actually love the guerilla style and neat pace of things. I don't miss the hair and make up process nor the rehearsals actually. I find that the actors are more prepared (well, you have to be!) re: their lines and that not having coverage makes for a snappy day! I can't think of any other scripted series (other then soap operas) who can shoot 8 episodes in 4 weeks!
Adam Rifkin is lovely to work with, very calm and succinct as a director...it's funny to think that our first movie together (Never On Tuesday) was over 20 years ago...our producer on LOOK was also on that film, Brad Wyman. It's good to be with old friends. I shall endeavor to post some pics of the show, Marcus Giamatti (Paul's older brother) plays my husband and Brad Wyman's real life kids are playing our children...fun! All in all a joy to work on.