It's a low budget world!

Well, I just found out that we're doing our own hair and makeup on "LOOK", no wardrobe room, no rehearsals and presumably no food or water as well! Woo hoo! Low budget film making! Actually if you watch the film "LOOK" which the TV show is based does work that way and so we are doing the same thing they did when making the film...just for a longer time! I'll report back after my first day of shooting next week.

Reader "KGB photography" asked when David's lighting DVD will be out (the other low budget shoot I am working on!) and the answer is August 2009. I'm putting up a photo of the scallops I cooked for the DVD, I love food magazines so David recreated a "Gourmet" magazine-type cover shot for this...I think it's beautiful and we didn't use any of the fancy food stylist tricks either, just cooked them and put the plate on some seamless white paper and voila! David's lighting magic.....

xx cc