Santa Claus is coming...

...however I have not seen much of him lately. Mostly just a bunch of "House Hunters International" , the only TV show I watch (even though I can't stand the way the lady who does the voice over say's "dollars", I have no idea why it makes me crazy) while I lie on the couch and feel sorry for myself with a box of Kleenex and a pot of ginger tea.

The flu is reaching it's bitter end which is good since I work on a game Monday doing a voice match which is where I have to sound exactly like the actress who played the role in the film, sounds easy but it takes a lot of focus which is hard when you have a head which feels like it's the size of a Macy's Day Parade balloon.

I am hoping that everyone has a beautiful Christmas. I am heading off to Colorado to see family and play in the snow which will be divine since yesterday here in SoCal I was sweating in shorts and a T-Shirt! It's more than a little disconcerting to drive past a Santa melting on the street waving his Subway Sandwich advertisement board whist having the air conditioner blasting..December should be at least chilly, that's just my opinion. It's funny how many of my friends who live in California are taking their Christmas Holidays in some tropical local...I mean how much sun do you need? I could understand it if you lived in England or Alaska but California??

I have decided to try to take some nice photos this year, David has been patient with me but frankly I am not grasping the whole aperture thing..I'll have one more lesson before I leave...last year I used the little Leica you see above but this year I'm all grown up and am taking a D5000!

It's funny about learning things when you're older, I had all of these dreams about learning multiple languages, sculpting, painting and such and somehow life got in the way, well that and the fact that I have little discipline besides my work ethic and hiking. I am proud of my cooking skills but that's just because I love to cook for people and I love food, so I taught myself to cook. I suppose one has to have an incredible amount of passion in order to learn something just for the fun of learning it.
I hated school because there was nothing in it I could apply to my dream to act so what was the point in me dissecting a frog?

I am reading the unbelievably brilliant Mary Karr's LIT and she has a wonderful line in it "what hurts so bad about youth isn't the actual butt whippings the world delivers. It's the stupid hopes playacting like certainties". We all had so many dreams and plans and so many of us have had to settle out of fear or laziness into a life less colorful or imaginative than the one we saw in our mind's eye as a child.

Perhaps it's time for one more New Year's resolution. I shall endeavor to take out my guitar and make an effort to at least learn one song all the way through, then I shall finally finish learning the Moonlight Sonata on the piano.
Small ambitions to you perhaps but mighty big to me.

Happy Holidays to all of you, drive carefully's crazy out there this time of year!