more star hyke...and the oink oink flu

To all of you sci fi fans in the UK; Star Hyke is available at all HMV stores and the show's creator (Andrew Dymond) would be really chuffed if you would snap a photo of yourself outside of the HMV where you purchased the DVD set...he will then post all the pics on the Star Hyke site to see what towns people were in etc.

In other news I am on Tamiflu for this marvelous kick ass bug which has been going around so please excuse my dearth of blogging!

My offer of free photos was a great success and I continue to get about 20 pounds of mail from folks a day! My postmaster isn't terribly pleased but i have dutifully sent out each and every free 8x10 :)

I hope you are taking some time for friends and family...we don't need anymore gifts and it adds a terrible burden to the Holiday. WE need more time with the people we love, more good long talks, some nature, a break from the tediousness of our days and maybe a pat on the back from someone we love.
I think even kids would appreciate someone reading them a book as opposed to another trinket. Time together.
xx claudia