Precious and Mothers and Daughters

I saw the film "Precious" last night and it was as dark as I expected it to be but without the "hopeful" ending I had read about in reviews....I saw nothing hopeful about that kid's situation in the end.
A lot of people went on about how great Maria Carey was in the film because she is sporting a mustache and ugly clothes, I thought she was a bit over the top with the accent, etc. but then again the whole thing felt a bit contrived with the "nypd blues" camera whips and shaky hand held shots, glamourous fantasy scenes and all of that stuff. Perhaps I should have gone when I was in a different sort of mood.
It did make me appreciate my relationship with my Mother, watching a woman beat her kid for a few hours will do that to you. My Mom and I have had our problems and our times when we drifted apart. I have done things that she is not thrilled about and visa versa but the overwhelming feeling I have about her is that she is the most important person in my life and I love her with all of my heart. I speak to my Mom most everyday and we send each other little packages of books we have read and loved, chocolates or spices to cook with or something nice smelling or warm to wear.
We talk about life a lot lately, about expectations and the difficulty of enjoying life when you "want" so much more...more work, more respect, more money, freedom, friends, land, vacations, love, etc. etc. We talk about the fact that we have never been the sort of people to be able to be happy with what life has dealt us and we constantly strive for more and how really sad that is. We both try to "smell the roses" but it seems like we have not learned to just sit and "be". My Mother and I are impatient and passionate and I suppose as long as I am aware of these qualities I can attempt to relax them when they get in the way of enjoying the simple things in life. This photo was taken by David on Thanksgiving and I love it, it's a photo of my very beautiful, elegant Mother who taught me to suck every drop from life and still want's a quiet, simple moment..the kind she and I keep beating ourselves up to find each day.