memorabilia show

I arrived at 10:30 and discovered that I was sitting next to Lori Petty, not Vanessa Angel. I adore both of them so I was happy and Lori and I were smack in the front of the room across from my old friend Jamie Luner who excitedly told me that she has moved to New York to star in "All My Children". I am thrilled for her, a new city and a great 4 year gig...what more could an actress want? Jamie and I went to the Renaissance faire years ago and had a blast..I miss her friendship, she is a ball of beautiful energy.
Lori and I have known each other for years and we had a few giggles, she was exhausted from guest starring in a demanding role for TV but was a pro for the fans who came up. The majority of people were there to see the cast from "Back to the Future" and the fleet of Deloreans parked outside so it was a bit sloooow for the rest of us.
The highlight of the show was, of course, running into old friends.
Tia Carrera and I recalled how the last time we were together was in Toronto on 9/11 when we were filming "She Spies" incredibly weird time to be going through something so utterly shocking and not be in the US.
I ended up having to fly to Vancouver and then drive to LA to get home...I really missed being with family and friends during that time, as I'm sure like everyone else, I felt extremely grateful for all of the people in my life all of a sudden. Funny how tragedy does that to us.
Another highlight of my day at the show was seeing Rip Taylor, one of my favorite funny men of all times. I asked him nicely if he would pose for a photo of me and Lori was kind enough to snap it.
I did not return to the show today because I had a birthday party to attend but I have fond memories of running into some great gals I have known through the years.
During the show Holly reminded me that soon it will be 15 years since she first started working with me...I told her that in spite of that long amount of loyalty and perseverance on her part, I still wasn't going to give her a raise..:)
Seriously, Holly and I have done SO many of these signings that we cannot even recall the majority of them...there have been good ones, bad ones..ones where hurricanes hit and ones where I was stalked or harassed......we have been offered massages, chocolates and some pretty odd things too! So I can honestly say from a pro's point of view that the memorabilia show was well run and uneventful (in a good way) for us guests. They even provided lunch and swag bags....a new take on the old theme of conventions. Congratulations to the new owners of Ray Courts autograph show for doing a great job. xx cc