thank you and here's some mindless natter

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes...yes it's today and I am handling it with grace and aplomb (44 YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!) No seriously, it hasn't sunken in yet...
Saturday night David and I watched a movie we have walked by about a million times at Blockbuster..The Rocker. I rented it, we watched it and now I have to recommend it...highly. Very funny, sweet, great characters, acting etc. etc. We had at least 6 laugh out loud moments so that's a good sign.
I'm picking up my Mom today for the round of doctor's appointments and hopefully some fun as well...I'm calm and happy to be spending my birthday in a mundane, quiet manner. I have heard from friends and fans and others this morning...40 emails of love and hope and happy wishes and I must filled me with a wonderful feeling, it's nice to be remembered.
I think about all of the people in retirement homes who have been forgotten by family and friends and I think next year for my birthday I might just do random visits to the many, many old folks homes here in LA and just say "hi" or maybe read the paper to someone or chat about their past.
6 years ago I started a documentary called "LISTEN". I interviewed people in retirement homes about their lives when they were young and their lives now. Loneliness was the overwhelming complaint.
Something to think about.
And I must finish that documentary!
Thanks again for the kind thoughts...
Love, Claudia