I just finished watching a rough assembly of our DVD LIGHT. David is an extraordinary teacher and everyone from pros to amateurs will learn something from this very entertaining DVD on the techniques of using various lighting techniques and products to create beautiful portraits. David used some of his own extremely popular small light modifiers in the shoot as well as other products from various manufacturers.

You can find his products and the DVD come Early September (we hope) at his website:

You can also visit David's blog at:

The photo is of David and I during the cooking segment of the DVD- David teaches how to photograph food like a cover of a cooking magazine without any of the "food stylist's secrets" - he only used light.

The fellow holding the clapper is USA Today staff photographer Bert Hanashiro, whom we had lunch with after the segment and he spoke on camera about his first camera and the joy of discovering motor driven "modern" camera equipment....very entertaining for photography junkies!

I will also be carrying the DVD on this website when it comes out because I know I have some excellent photographer friends out there...I've seen the photographic proof!

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