Holidays, books and rain, rain, rain

So now that the pink hearts and sweet cards and chocolates are gone make way for the green! St. Patty's day is next and you just know that the shops will be filled with green clovers and beer....consumerism at it's worst, though I have to admit I really enjoyed being on the receiving end of the chocolate truffles and flowers I got over the weekend.
My friend Nicola Bryant was in town for a Dr. Who convention, she played Peri back in the 80's, so Tracy Scoggins and I showed up to sign for an hour and hang out with Nicola and her new beau. A very nice fan gave me a box of truffles which were gone in a record 5 minutes flat...I am suddenly a Valentine's Day enthusiast..:)
The event was at the Marriot by LAX and I must say that it was VERY mellow...very polite fans and a really organized feeling to the event so congrats to those who pulled it off!
The next appearance takes me to San Francisco ( Carrie Fisher will be there too, I haven't read her new book yet but I plan to) and my folks live in Napa so it will be a nice opportunity to visit them as well. The only other event I have planned for the entire year is a Quantum Leap convention and that's it! All local here in California and all relatively small.
I have been dipping into a lot of books lately : Wally Lambs new one; The Hour I First Believed, which is about Columbine and it's effect on a couple..a bit depressing actually and I'm not too keen on the lead character, I find him very self indulgent. I'm reading a great book by Liza Cambell called "A charmed life" all about growing up in Cawdor Castle (Macbeth's castle). I'm also reading Frances Mayes "A Year In The World" and Orhan Pamuk's "Istanbul" to satisfy my travel bug...both excellent reads.
Today is a perfect president's Day to read and reflect upon our new President and my hopes for this once great country....makes me want to sit by the fire and dream of faraway places and long walks...
Have a lovely day!
x cc