The question is do you love it or do you hate it? I can see the benefit because I have been contacted by friends from childhood, high school etc. etc. However it's simply not as easy as email... Over the weekend my Facebook page surpassed 1000 friends though I have only met a few dozen of them in person which in a very strange way makes me smile.
All of these people from all over the world wanting to hang out in cyberspace with me and my other Facebook friends....very sweet and humbling. I endeavor to become more savvy about it, perhaps start writing longer messages back to people, make new friends...but then I think about the unfinished books and scripts, the miles of running and hiking to do, the reading and learning and blogging and emailing and auditioning and loving and moving and seeing friends and cooking and ....well......you get it.
Here's to embracing technology at your own life's pace.
xx cc