absolutely inexcusable !

Loooong time no write! Well, I have loads of reasons.. my first "real" vacation in 20+ years and a whole lot of thinking...Christmas was a joy, two weeks in Colorado with loved ones and a beautiful, funny road trip through New Mexico, perfect way to start the New Year. Speaking of which, I have not felt this positive, energetic and hopeful in eons...I don't know about you but I am brimming with optimism! Is it the new regime coming in to save our country? Is it because 9 is a lucky number? I have no idea but it's wonderful! I'm starting this year out with yet another change, I have decided to re-focus on my acting career...this producing stuff is a kin to knocking one's head against a very hard surface..WORSE then acting, if you can believe that! I just finished the commentary for "Never on Tuesday" a film we shot in 1986 which is finally being released on DVD. It was hilarious to watch the blond, soft voiced, 21 year old me.. it was the first film I did with Adam Rifkin. 
  Adam is writing a role for me in his new Showtime series "LOOK" which will be shooting in the next months or so. I'm in all of the episodes and I play a fabulously challenging character,  so I am over the moon! What a glorious way to start the new year...work that I love! 
  In other news, we managed to raise a ton of toys and clothes for Penny Lane (Pat Tallman's charity) this year and I'm still working with Safe Passage to try and raise awareness of that wonderful charity, I managed to find a computer for one of the women and she was thrilled as it will open up a whole new world for her in the work place. I hope all of you have a beautiful new year and have stuck to your resolutions thus far! Embrace this change and be grateful for the things you have. Love, CC