perhaps not ...

..the best time to blog.. I just lost a good friend to lung cancer..he was in his early 40's, far too young to go. Please don't smoke really does kill and the death is not an easy one.
It seems all around me people are panicking about the economy...having to find second jobs to make ends meet and generally feeling fearful and bewildered at the state of things. I hope that everyone has a safe place to go to talk about their fears and I pray that everyone has a loyal friend to talk to and to share their angst with. I truly hope things start to look up for people. If you can help each other in small ways : make a few meals for someone who is hurting financially, and drop them off at their house...fill up a friend's gas tank or take them to a movie to forget for a few is the time to do it. It's easy to share in small and/or big ways, the important thing is to just do it.
xx cc