I'm very much looking forward to my trip to Italy on Sunday and I think it has more to do with feeling stagnant than anything else. I am slightly in limbo this time of year, the disappointment of not having any auditions all pilot season and the realization that I cannot force things to happen makes me want to get the hell out of Hollywood and see the "real" world.
So, Sunday I embark on a 3 week journey to Rome, Fiuggi, Chianti, Istanbul and many small places in between. It will be a great time to see new people and places and to write, photograph and think about how big this beautiful world is.

Please pop into my Facebok fan page once in awhile, I intend to post photos and such as I travel...unless of course i get so carried away by the beauty that I revert back to a simpler time and eschew modern is possible.

I also post new short stories there from time to time.

Here I come Italia!