more indie film tales

We shot Meteor Apocalypse in the Angeles National Forest which suffered a brutal fire in August of this year. The terrain reflected the devastation with ash and charred trees, purposefully chosen for their "end of the world-doomsday" look. The lovely Madison Mclaughlin played my daughter and the easy to work with Joe Lando played my husband. We withstood wind and dust in our eyes and tried to pull of the rather difficult task of acting as if meteors were crashing all around us...try getting 3 actors to all look at the same spot at the same time while losing the light...!
It was an easy job, a couple of days on the set and off to the next film (which I wish I had not had a dead battery in my camera for)..."Sex Tax" was filled with beautiful actresses playing hookers and a couple of interesting character actors as well, all in a funky little house in the valley made up to look like a bordello...oh well, next time I'll bring two cameras!