To be a pet parent or not to be..that is the question!

David and I searched the Valley for a dog see we've been thinking about getting a dog lately but we are both well aware of the commitment and time and well...seriousness of bringing a pet into your life (especially one which can live to be 20 years old or more!) so we have sort of decided that we must be "bowled over" by said dog when and if we ever meet we are having fun looking in the mean time.
There was an extraordinary actor-dog we saw today. I watched him as he would compose his part Chihuahua features from a normal expression into one of such utter need and loneliness that it simply melted anyone's heart to look into his strangely green eyes...this was a pro. I came back to his little cage 4 times and each time he gave me the "I will love you forever" look ..until the last time..he wouldn't look at me as if he already knew that I was not taking him home, unbelievable! I felt that I could read every thought in his little human-dog mind which made me suddenly believe all the more in reincarnation. This dog was the Lawrence Olivier of canines I tell you! The one very sad thing which was extremely obvious as we have strolled through adoption sites and visited kennels is this: Chihuahuas comprise about 95% of all dogs in shelters...I'm not kidding. I honestly think it's because of that movie that came out "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" begged for one and the parents bought one and now there are thousands of unwanted little dogs in shelters everywhere in LA county. It's the same thing post Easter when you see a plethora of rabbits being offered up..or baby chicks. A pet is a huge commitment so we are doing some very serious thinking about it but I have to admit, it's awfully hard not to take them all home and give them a safe place to live out the rest of their doggy years.