Well once again I am struck by how kind, thoughtful and loyal sci fi fans are...the convention (which I replaced Peter Jurasic in the last minute) was very well run with a great selection of talented model maker's wares on display. I was truly impressed with the talent and dedication these men and women have for the craft of model making...I have posted one of the photos I took of a couple of them.
I was reunited with a lovely young lady names Sarah who I had not held since 2001! Her photo is above as well, 2001 and 2010, a lovely young lady with a wonderful family in tow. Her Mom was kind enough to bring me a box of Kleenex , knowing that I had a dreadful cold.
The wonders of modern technology..people read something on Facebook then they act upon it! I can now communicate with fans who are attending conventions I will be at and meet them in person then follow them on FB..amazing!
Louisville was a very pleasant town though I didn't see much of it. We had a great behind the scenes tour of the zoo with our Host Dave who rescues wild and endangered cats, big and small and also works at the zoo, he is a lovely man with great passion for all things animal and sci fi convention as well...well rounded I would say!
We dined one night at Mortons and had fabulous steak, I bought bourbon balls for a dear friend, saw the giant baseball bat and even managed a drive by the venue for the Kentucky Derby...all in all a lovely trip thanks to Phil, Paula, Phil Jr., Dave, Gin and Sarah and a host of other lovely people who came to see me, drove us around and generally made the weekend a great one. Many thanks to all of you.